NEW Super Short Course Points Series

We are starting our SCT series this year, first race is Feb 3 with points collected every second Sat.
The motor limit has changed to 13.5T which puts it in line with the RTR vehicles. Check out all the rules here!

Lots on new additions and improvements to the track as we have mentioned in previous posts. Looking forward to seeing everyone out.
Doors at 10:00am with racing to start at 11:00am sharp.

Trukz will be implementing a “Trukz Racer Discount List” this year. In order to get on the list you need to fill out an application form and donate $60 to the club. The Trukz racer discount list will be active from the time racers make their donation and fill out the application until we have our summer shut down next summer.

Being on the racer discount list will get racers the following advantages:

Lower Race Fees

Race Fees starting October 7, 2017:

Member Discount List Fees – 1st class $15, 2nd class $5, Adult & Child together $20
Non Discount List Fees – 1st class $20, 2nd class $10, Adult &Child together $25
It generally works out to $5 off daily race fees for discount list racers.

We will have the member discount list applications at the track and we will start building the list this weekend.
The discounted fees and other benefits will start on the October 7th race day.

First Class


Additional Classes