MICA Controls

MICA Controls is a manufacturers representative company with product lines that encompass the measurement, instrumentation, and automation systems fields.

SAGD and conventional heavy oil production and treating

  • Well head multiphase flow measurement
  • Free water knock out and treater control
  • Oil water concentration measurement and profiling
  • Water cut analyzers
  • Tanks farm dewatering systems
  • Automated sample systems for gas and emulsion

Gas production, transportation, and treating

  • Well head control and measurement
  • Methanol management
  • High performance flow and pressure control solutions
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Solar power systems
  • Compressor optimization solutions
  • Compressor power systems
  • Wet gas, test, and group separator measurement solutions
  • Well head, Compressor and plant HMI solutions


Grumpy’s RC Garage

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